route 6 : Epano Mirsini to Faros (Polyaigos)

duration: 3,5 hours

degree of difficulty: difficult 



Giving directions for this walk is more difficult, so we suggest you take a compass. From where the boat lands you at Epano Mirsini, you follow the green arrows.You pass behind an old stone hut and begin the ascent with the ravine that comes from Kato Mirsini on your right. Climb to the top of the ravine and then follow the ridge to the East. Skirt the highest point of the island, leaving it on your right and begin to descend the  ridge bearing to the north-east. If  you have the time and the energy, a detour to the summmit  is not difficult. 

As you continue, the path becomes clearer  and you climb to the trigonometrical point ( a small pillar) which you will see in front of you. As appears from the map, the descent to the lighthouse is from the northern side of the bay. 

The sea appears splendid from above and  a plunge in the sea is a must in the summer. If by mistake you find yourself on the south side of the bay, (on the right-hand side as you face the sea) do  not  attempt to climb down, but  turn back again to the path. 


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