route 3: Horio - Paleokastro - Agioklima

duration:  3,5 hours

degree of difficulty: medium to difficult




From Horio follow the path towards Skiadi, as in route 2. When you reach the point where the two paths divide,  turn right, following the red arrows and continuing with  Mount Sklavos still on your right . This path has an impressive view of the rocky west coast of the island. Directly north of Mount Sklavos, which is the highest point of the island, is Paleokastro. The path passes Paleokastro to the west and does not continue up to the top of the mountain. For those who  want to enjoy a panoramic view of the Aegean, the ascent is easier from the eastern side.

From this point you can return or go on  to Agioklima beach. The path goes gradually down until you reach a hut and a stone threshing floor. Immediately beneath you is Agioklima bay, with its two small beaches. Unfortunately, for the last 200 metres the path disappears, but the descent is not dangerous.


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